Before I had neurotherapy I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks! I was rushed to the hospital three times due to sever panic attacks. Since then I have add a lot less anxiety and NO panic attacks!

It was a complete 180 degree turnaround and I am very grateful to Archway and neurotherapy.
Archway got me back and made me feel like myself again!

Our son has been diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, along with a Developmental Delay, yet so many more things follow this for him such as his ADHD/Autistic characteristics, OCD symptoms , leaky gut and food and environmental allergies just to name a few. Though each child is different and no one child will see the exact same results in the same time frame, we saw immediate results with Neurotherapy in his speech. He has now been doing Neurotherapy for almost a year, and WOW can I say we have seen some amazing results. Everything from his speech, cognition, healing of his gut, overall awareness of the world around him to him being able to transition smoothly from one thing to the next without objection has significantly improved. I would recommend Neurotherapy to anyone who may have a child with speech delay/disorder or on the spectrum. We look forward to continue progress with our son and are excited about what the future holds for him.

When our son started therapy at Archway, he was experiencing tics, paranoia, anxiety, sleeplessness, bursts of anger and many other symptoms. After a little less than a year of neurotherapy, we can say that all of his symptoms are either gone or significantly lessened. Neurofeedback has been an invaluable resource for our son and our entire family.

Right before the second semester of her junior year my husband and I decided to treat our daughter with NFT, since we had personally seen great results with our son. Our daughter suffered from unseen anxiety. Her anxiety didn’t manifest on a daily basis and/or about everything in the world, rather it surfaced regarding school. When it came to homework or testing, she would get anxious to the point that it had a negative effect on her grades. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice prior to this timeframe. However, in just the first month of treatment of NFT, we saw a difference! Not in her behavior or her attitude – because she was already pretty awesome – but with her grades. Her test scores skyrocketed and she became a straight A student. Not only for that first six weeks, but the entire rest of the year! She took NFT once a week for about 6 months – then stopped when summer came. Even after summer passed and she entered school again for her senior year, the results are still there. Her lowest grade the first six weeks was a 94! She wants to be a plastic surgeon – any doubt about her ability has left the building folks! As her mother, I have NFT to thank wholeheartedly for giving her back her confidence by reducing the anxiety that was keeping her from being the best version of herself she could be.

After dealing with a family crisis that lasted for years, I never quite felt right. I was prescribed anti-depressants/anxiety pills and they never made me feel right. After about 6-8 sessions of neurotherapy at Archway, I began to feel more like myself. The emotional dullness I had felt for so many months was lifted, and I was able to be a better caregiver to my wife and a more compassionate father to our two children.

My daughters and I have all been helped by Archway’s services. I have OCD, high maintenance children, tendency to be overwhelmed, and difficulty remembering all that I need to remember. One of my daughters began pulling her hair out and eating it (trichotillomania) when she was 2 years old. My other daughter has Asperger’s (high functioning form of Autism), ADHD, Celiac Disease, and Dyslexia. All of my challenges are managed through neurotherapy, frequency enhanced water therapy, and Archway’s diligent research, and incredible advice. My daughter’s trichotillomania was extinguished with 1 session of light therapy. To help manage my other daughter’s challenges she goes to Archway once a week.

Archway and the services it provides have changed our lives. We are able to live and enjoy life rather than just get by and try to survive. We have been blessed by the technology Archway has at its disposal and by the talents and guidance Archway has shared with us.

What a blessing to our family to have found Archway! The Neurofeedback treatment and the “talking” she did with our daughter during challenging times in her teenage life were a God sent. We had tried the “drug” route only to experience lots of “plateaus” that resulted in increased dosages. This of course came with side effects and changes or flattening of her mood and personality. We had lots of concern about the drug’s negative effect on a growing brain. Thus, we started looking for a different way. We were surprised to learn we had a person here in our West Texas town who was trained and very knowledgeable in Neurofeedback. We got our daughter into her for treatment during her school lunch time. We saw results and were able to get her off all medications very quickly. Allison has a knack to connect on many different levels. She is an excellent communicator and you can count on her to go above and beyond in times of need. As “psychological medicine” wakes up and leaves the chemical model behind, Allison will be seen as a scientist and a visionary. She cares and she makes a difference! Midland Texas is incredibly fortunate to have her!

My daughter was having lots of stress and anxiety making it difficult to concentrate at school. Instead of putting her on medication we tried neurotherapy. After a short time we noticed her confidence come out as well as her grades improve. The crying over homework and doubt that she couldn’t do it went away gradually. All I can say is neurotherapy was the best thing we could have done for our child. It gave us an alternative to having to put our 8 year old on medication.

My son has been getting Neurofeedback Therapy for about 15 months. He was diagnosed with combined ADHD and was prescribed medicine. My husband and I have never really believed in medicating our children, but for the first few months we allowed him to take it every other day while he was in school, in combination with once a week NFT. After a few months we noticed that his medicine was too strong, so his doctor lowered the dosage to the minimum. Only a month into his lower dosage, we stopped his medication completely. My son has not taken any medicine for ADHD since February of 2016! My son no longer suffers from attention or behavior problems. I would almost swear that he was diagnosed incorrectly until I remember the way he acted prior to diagnosis – he was always happy, but off the charts in the ability to sit down and/or pay attention. As a mother, I can report that my son NO LONGER suffers from ADHD and it is because of the mind mapping produced via NFT. He is happy and the best thing I could report is that he is NOT living a medicated life.

Five of our six family members have used NFB over the years, and we have had nothing but positive results from the therapy. Although it’s difficult to quantify results from any therapy, I would say that the most significant improvement we experienced was for three of our family members. Our daughter experienced enuresis and anxiety, and NFB really helped her with both problems. The bedwetting really decreased in frequency throughout the therapy, and her anxiety about going to bed, which kept her awake well past a healthy bedtime, decreased dramatically. Our son, who exhibits symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, was greatly calmed by regular NFB. Also, I believe the therapy helped to plane out the amplification of his mood. My oldest daughter, who is the most specific about the benefits of NFB, says that her anxiety greatly diminished with the regular use of the therapy. My observation is that the more profound your symptoms, the more obvious the benefits of the therapy.

Archway has provided a life raft for my family. My children and I are all adopted with very little family medical history. Through neurotherapy, light therapy, and all Archway has to offer my family is in a completely different place than we would be without it.

My son was unable to sleep without medication (that was doing more harm than good), retain information, sit still, handle any type of emotion, and vocalize his thoughts and feelings. My son has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD, gut issues, and speech issues. He has gone to Archway since he was 4 years old. He is now 10 years old and able to attend a main stream school and main stream classes. He is surrounded by incredible friends, his anxiety level is 1/4 of what it was before, he is less fearful, he remembers things and does well on tests, he is able to communicate in a meaningful way, and he sleeps almost 10 hours every night. He is sick less often and happier than I ever dreamed possible. Many people have no idea of all the obstacles my son has had to overcome. He appears to be neuro-typical to those without some form of training in the health industry.