Archway Outreach - Our Nonprofit Organization

Our Mission

The mission is to provide individuals having mental health needs access to subsidized neurotherapy training and professional counseling services and to expand these services to serve as many individuals as possible.

The larger vision is to make this type of health care available to any and all who are in need of it, by 1) providing assistance for client session fees to those in need, 2) recruiting and training  licensed professionals to maintain their board certifications through academic and experiential programs and 3) fundraising to support operations.

Price points for donations:

    • $100 = 2 sessions
    • $1000 = 20 sessions
    • $7000 = 1 year of therapy for 1 person
    • $20000 = 1 year of therapy for 5 people
    • $50000 = 1 year of therapy for 20 people
    • $100000 = 2000 sessions or 1 year of therapy for 40 people

Funded Session Fees:  
Archway Outreach provides donated funds to cover 50% or 70% of regular session fees.  Amount of funds awarded are determined by application criteria and client financial need.
  • Individual Psychotherapy – $65 or $96/session
  • Couples Therapy – $80 or $112/session
  • Neurotherapy with(out) psychotherapy – $80 or $112/session
  • Quantitative EEG analysis – $250 or $350/session

*Ask your therapist for an application if you would like to apply for reduced sessions fees.

Archway Outreach is located on the corner of Midkiff and Kessler, near B&J Plaza and Lamar Elementary School.



Archway provides Professional Counseling to children and families in the Permian Basin and surrounding area and specializes in state-of-the-art Neurotherapy services.  These neurotherapy services are for individuals seeking a UNIQUE SOLUTION to symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, pain, and various other issues.  Archway Outreach is the nonprofit portion of our business that provides funding for expansion of neurotherapy services in our area through therapist training and financial assistance to clients with financial needs.

The neurotherapy services offered at this counseling center maintain the same high standards of systems and performance that are offered at the Archway Support office located on Texas Avenue.  These services include Psychotherapy, EMDR and various neurotherapy systems including, but not limited to Neuroguide QEEG brain mapping and analysis, Z-Score neurofeedback, LENSware, all NeuroField neurostimulation and neurofeedback systems, and Quantum Reflex Integration light therapy and other photobiomodulation therapies.  Our BOARD CERTIFIED practitioners utilize STATE-OF-THE-ART SYSTEMS and regularly attend advanced workshops and professional conferences to make available the best clinicians and therapies to our clients with the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES and applications in the industry.

The nonprofit organization, Archway Outreach, provides our clients with the opportunity to apply for REDUCED SESSION FEES through funding established by The Henry Foundation and The Kidd Foundation and additional substantial funding by FMH Foundation, Permian Basin Area Foundation, Broughton Foundation and the Beal Foundation.  Clients seen by therapists at the Outreach facility are encouraged to apply for financial assistance that is available and awarded based on the demonstration of financial need.  Financial award takes into account factors such as family income, family size, and number of weekly therapy modalities. These funds are intended to cover a portion of the therapy costs. Please ask our therapists for more information on how to apply for this generous opportunity!

Board of Directors:

Steve Johnson – Johnny Johnson Insurance – President

Pending – Secretary

Nick Nguyen – First Capital Bank Texas – Treasurer

Shonna Garcia – Maven Real Estate Group

Jessica Fitch – Dutton, Harris & Co.

Rachel Box – Business Consultant

     Allison Hartzoge – Executive Director

     Meghan Paredes – Development Director


114 N. Midkiff Road
Midland, TX 79701


phone: (432) 682-2724 

to leave a private message for Catherine – extension 2
to leave a private message for Rachel – extension 4
to leave a private message for Taylor – extension 6

fax:  (432) 682-2725

email –
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In 2016, Archway Support became a program within the MARC/Spectrum of Solutions project, specifically to provide neurotherapy and psychotherapy services to children and their families seeking a unique, drug-free solution to symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities.  This program was initially funded by The Henry Foundation and The Kidd Foundation, and their generous donations were used to employ, train and equip a licensed mental health provider.

In 2017, Archway Neurotherapy gained momentum and more than doubled the number of individuals served.  Through continued support from The Henry Foundation exclusively, we were able to supply financial assistance to ALL existing Archway clients at the Spectrum location.   As a result, a wider population of individuals were served and the therapy modalities were increased to address an expanded list of issues, including anxiety, depression, pain, migraines, developmental delays, behavior intervention, addiction and more.  As this program matured and successful client outcomes increased, additional therapists and resources were needed.

In 2018, in an effort to support the growing demand for services, Archway Outreach was established to become a separate tax exempt corporation, detached from the Spectrum project. Through a strong and supportive relationship with MARC, this Archway Neurotherapy nonprofit program grew significantly and served over 100 clients and has provided well over 2000 sessions of professional counseling and neurotherapy services from within the Spectrum of Solutions operation.

In May 2019, Archway Outreach was given tax exempt status and began to operate as a stand-alone nonprofit corporation.  The Outreach operation was moved to our new facility located at 114 N. Midkiff in Midland, Texas and immediately began serving our new and existing clients.  We continue to offer a broad range of high-tech, state-of-the-art neurotherapy systems and three experienced, board certified Neurotherapists / Licensed Professional Counselors.  This facility further increases mental health services to the Permian Basin and surrounding area.  

Funding is provided by these, and other, generous foundations:

          The Henry Foundation  

          FMH Foundation 

          Beal Foundation 

          Greathouse Foundation 

          Permian Basin Area Foundation 

We also appreciate those business sponsors and individuals that support us through our annual fall fundraisers.  We are grateful for their continued support of the services offered by Archway Outreach.

If you’d like to contribute to our efforts to expand the territory of Neurotherapy and Mental Health services to our area, please feel free to contact us about donating or serving on our prestigious board.  We truly appreciate any efforts to support our cause.