“More than Qualified – BCIA Board Certified!”

Below is a listing of the many different technologies that are offered by Archway.  Each treatment plan is developed based on the individual, dynamic needs of our clients and therefore, several of these systems may be used in one session.  These modalities are FDA approved, state-of-the-art and the latest in neurotherapy products.  Our therapists are highly trained in psychotherapy and certified in neurotherapy, regularly attending training in order to stay current with the cutting edge practices of the field.  Each year, more and more features and protocols are offered by the providers.

We are proud to be the first neurotherapy providers in the Permian Basin and unique in our collection of neurotherapy devices.  Other Texas providers can be found in Amarillo, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.  Click here to find a certified provider near

  • Neuroguide QEEG Brain mapping by Applied Neuroscience
  • Loreta Z Score and 19 channel surface Z Score Neurofeedback by Applied Neuroscience
  • LENSware3 – Low Energy Neurofeedback System by Ochs Labs
  • Brainmapping, Event Related Potential (ERP) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) by NeuroField
  • Transcranial Direct Current, Alternating Current and Random, Pink and Brown Noise Stimulation (tDCS/tACS/tRNS/tPNS/tBNS) by NeuroField
  • Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (pEMF) System and Q20 amplifier by NeuroField
  • Live 19 channel surface Z Score EEG Neurofeedback using Atlantis 4×4 and Discovery24 by BrainMaster
  • Photobiomodulation Device by Vielight –  For 10% discount at checkout enter code: archway 
  • Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) system by Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI)
  • Bilateral Stimulation Therapy by The Touchpoint Solution – For 12% discount at checkout enter code: archway
  • Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback by Heartmath
  • Neuro-Motor Therapy Tool by Interactive Metronome
  • IVA-2 (Integrated Tests of Variables of Attention) by BrainTrain
  • Regenesis Photonic Stimulator – InfraRed light therapy by Ochs Labs
  • Biomat – Amethyst Low InfraRed therapy pad by Richway International
  • Loreta Progress Report Basic data visualization and protocol development tools by NeuroDesigner